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About Me

Hey! First off, thanks for stopping by my website, and if you made it to this page I guess you're curious who I am.. so I figure I should fill you in. My name is Derek Kesseler and I am a fashion, adventure, and positive mindset advocate from Beaumont, Alberta. You are probably wondering where the hell Beaumont is..and that's okay, so do most people. It's a small town just south of the capital city Edmonton. I have now been living in Vancouver, BC since 2015 and it was the best decision I ever made. Since moving here I have completely changed my life. I used to be in the construction/oil industry back in Alberta and I hated it. It was time for a change, let's call it a quarter life crisis. Over the past 5 years since moving to Vancouver I have started my own business..and failed, participated on the reality TV show Big Brother Canada and made it to Final 3 but lost, and have recently started my own media company. On this website you are going to discover everything about...well, me. I hope my lifestyle blogging, mind management and even fashion tips can help push you towards the life that you want to create for yourself. Not the life that you think will make you happy because it's comfortable, the life you KNOW will make you happy.



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