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The Iris Way

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

As an avid shopper, there is no better feeling then walking into a store and having knowledgable staff make you feel comfortable right away. When I first walked in to Iris on Hastings, I was greeted by the store manager Zari. She asked me a few questions to get to know me and really pinpoint exactly what I was looking for. She showed me around the store and explained to me how the whole process works from the eye exam, to picking out glasses, and all of the options that I have to work with.

It is a great feeling when the person you are working with really cares about getting the right product to suit your needs, especially when it comes to something so important like vision! To further understand everything I want, the team took me through my Iris profile which consists of 5 different elements. My prescription, my history, my daily activities, my personality, and my budget. These 5 elements are what helps the Iris professionals find the perfect pair of glasses that fits in all the important categories in my life. I have worn eyeglasses for many years and this is hands down the most in depth way I have seen a team help me find the right pair of glasses! I tried on many different styles of frames and as I gave Zari suggestions and told her what certain aspects I was looking for, she was able to pick out frames by many different brands so that I could compare them all. The best part is the whole process can be as slow or as fast as you make it! I can be a very picky person when it comes to finding exactly what I like so it was awesome that the team really took their time with me and made sure that I left the store with exactly what I was looking for. After narrowing down all my options I landed on this pair of frames designed by Spy. I was looking for something that was both sporty but could also pull off a sophisticated look.

I often play sports and I am quite an active person so I needed frames that would allow me to be active but also look great when I get dressed up on the weekends. All in all I was able to find the perfect frames to match my lifestyle thanks to the help of the whole team at Iris. Not to mention it fit right in with the budget I had set. I can't wait to shop my next pair with them!

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